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About Us

When my family and I first moved into the neighborhood, a little restaurant next to the movie theater with a huge window caught our attention. "Man, wouldn't that be a great spot for our own" we thought. So when it came up for sale 4 years later, my wife and I were ecstatic to have the opportunity to own this building that had been a part of our wonderful town of Arbutus for decades. So who is Martha?

When my wife was 13, she was gifted a stuffed zebra for Easter, which she named Martha. Martha would accompany my wife in the hospital as she battled childhood leukemia. Though now old and delicate, Martha is still here - an important part of our family history. Martha is a reminder of our trials and successes. 

And so Martha's Cafe is a celebration of my wife, her family, and friends - especially the ones who didn't make it. The menu is full of her favorite items and some family recipes. The interior is grandma-chic, her favorite style. We hope to provide you stellar service, a warm welcome, and fresh food.

Will, Megan, kids & of course, Martha!

Sancta Martha, ora pro nobis